1. The Weekend

    What a weekend! Started out with a fantastic practice Friday at Schweitzer. Getting ready for the AGS races Saturday and Sunday. Super D was on Saturday and was a “mass start”. That is where you must run to your bike and everyone starts at once. That was okay but the trail was grueling. By the bottom I though I would die. Didn’t make in time for any warm up runs that day so my race run was it. It was slow at around 18 minutes on a 14-15 minute course. 

    Camped out in the parking lot with a bunch of people and met some very interesting and fun people as well as chilling with ones I already knew. Slept well and got prepped for day two. 

    Day two was the DH. That was truly fun! My time was 8:12. I don’t think that is bad at all for a 6” travel all mountain bike. This particular race experience has pushed me into the pursuit of a DH bike. Again, there was nobody in my class so I was racing myself. Maybe Mt. Spokane some people will want to race me. All in all, it was a good weekend and I feel pretty accomplished and better all around at riding my bike.

    3 years ago